While most oceanic processes can be mathematically quantified in relationship to another oceanic process, each situation require empirical data gathering, analysis and a risk-weighted solution proposed to the client so the client can decide which direction to drive their company. We deliver custom solutions, tailored to you--your industry, your culture, your one-of-a-kind challenges.

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OSS was born after years of providing scientific research to NOAA, Academia and Private companies as an individual employee.  When the time came to break out on my own, the idea of providing personalized service for oceanography and aquaculture seemed to suit well with the needs that clientele were voicing. 

"We have spent difficult moments these past months until we found you.  Your report will help us to explain how our project should proceed with the most profitable possibility"

          -- N. Choukri

we believe in an individualized solution for each situation and customized consulting to yield the most effective results.

Ocean Science Services

Ocean Science Services